X Comp X/T

X Comp R/S

Sport AT


  • Very aggressive tread design for maximum traction and performance in all off-road conditions
  • Large tread voids to provide self-cleaning tread pattern for superior traction in mud, dirt and rock surfaces
  • Strong steel belt construction for maximum strength, stability and durability
  • M & S Rated

X Comp M/T

Tread and Sidewall Design:

  • Aggressive is an understatement! This tire is a beast!
  • Maximum traction and grip on the shoulder area of tire, when its needed the most!
  • Self-cleaning tread and shoulder area to prevent mud, rock and snow build up.
  • M & S Rated.

Tire Construction Advantages:

Tire casing is full three plys of polyester with high turn up on side wall. This gives tire excellent strength and durability.
Tread area has two full steel belts and two full nylon belts. The result is very stable tread and shoulder area, for aggressive and proven performance.
The end result is a tire that is strong, stable, durable and surprisingly quiet.

X Comp ATR

X Comp A/T