Zenna UHP

Car / Highway / Performance / Track
  • Outstanding ride control: Tread designed for stability and traction in all weather conditions
  • Noise treated compounded for an exceptionally smooth ride with reduced road noises
  • Features
    • Outstanding ride control: Tread designed for stability and traction in all weather conditions
    • Noise treated compounded for an exceptionally smooth ride with reduced road noises
    • All season and M & S rated
    • Excellent wet and dry performance while maintaining  a long lasting tread life
  • Specifications
    SizeLoad IndexSpeed SymbolTread Depth (32nds)Overall Diameter (In)Section Width (In)Load Capacity Single LBSInflation Pressure PSI
    205/40ZR17 XL84W1023.58.4110251
    205/50ZR17 XL93W1025.18.4143351
    215/40ZR17 XL87W1023.88.6120151
    215/45ZR17 XL91W1024.78.4135651
    215/50R17 XL95V1025.58.9152151
    215/55ZR17 XL98W1026.38.9165351
    225/45ZR17 XL94W10258.9147751
    225/50R17 XL98V1025.99.2165351
    225/55R17 XL101V1026.89.2181951
    235/45ZR17 XL97W1025.49.3160951
    235/55R17 XL103V1027.29.7192951
    245/40ZR17 XL95W1024.79.8152151
    245/45ZR17 XL99W1025.79.6170951
    215/35ZR18 XL84W1023.98.6110251
    215/40ZR18 XL89W1024.88.6127951
    225/40ZR18 XL92W1025.19.1138951
    225/45ZR18 XL95W1025.98.9152151
    235/40ZR18 XL95W1025.49.5152151
    235/45ZR18 XL98W1026.39.3165351
    235/50ZR18 XL101W1027.39.7181951
    235/55ZR18 XL104W1028.29.7198451
    245/40ZR18 XL97W1025.79.8160951
    245/45ZR18 XL100W1026.79.6176451
    255/35ZR18 XL94W102510.2147751
    255/45ZR18 XL103W1027.110193051
    255/55ZR18 XL109W102910.4227051
    275/35ZR18 SL95W1025.610.9152144
    225/35ZR19 XL88W1025.29.1123551
    225/40ZR19 XL93W1026.19.1143351
    225/55R19 SL99H1028.89.2170944
    235/35ZR19 XL91W1025.59.5135651
    235/40ZR19 XL98Y1026.49.5165351
    245/35ZR19 XL93W1025.89.8143351
    245/40ZR19 XL98W1026.79.8165351
    245/45ZR19 XL102W1027.79.6187551
    255/35ZR19 XL96W102610.2156551
    255/45ZR19 XL104W1028.110198451
    265/30ZR19 XL93W1025.310.7143351
    275/30ZR19 XL96W1025.610.9156551
    225/30ZR20 XL85W1025.49.1113551
    225/35ZR20 XL90W1026.29.1132351
    235/35ZR20 SL88Y1026.59.5123544
    245/30ZR20 XL90W1025.89.8132351
    245/35ZR20 XL95W1026.89.8152151
    245/40ZR20 XL99W1027.79.8170951
    245/45ZR20 SL99W1028.79.6170944
    245/50R20 SL102V1029.710187444
    255/35ZR20 XL97W102710.2160951
    255/45ZR20 XL105W1029.110203951
    275/30ZR20 XL97W1026.510.9160951
    275/35ZR20 XL102W1027.610.9187451
    275/40ZR20 XL106W1028.710.9209451
    275/45R20 XL110V1029.810.8233751
    275/55R20 XL117V1031.911.2283351
    285/25ZR20 XL93W1025.611.6143351
    315/35ZR20 XL110W1028.712.6233751
    235/30ZR22 XL90W1027.69.5132351
    245/30ZR22 XL92W1027.89.8138951
    255/30ZR22 XL95W1028.110.2152151
    265/30ZR22 XL97W1028.310.7160951
    265/35ZR22 XL102W1029.310.7187451
    265/40R22 XL106V1030.410.7209451
    285/25ZR22 XL95W1027.611.6152151
    285/35ZR22 XL107W1029.911.4215051
    285/45ZR22 XL114W1032.111.2260151
    295/25ZR22 XL97W1027.811.9160951
    305/40ZR22 XL114W1031.612.3260151
    305/45R22 XL118V1032.811.9291051
    255/30ZR24 XL97W1030.110.2160951
    275/25ZR24 XL96W1029.511.1156551
    295/35R24 XL110V1032.111.9233751
    305/35R24 XL112V1032.412.3246951
    275/25ZR26 XL98W1031.411.1165351
    295/30ZR26 XL107W103311.9214951
    305/30R26 XL109V1033.212.3227151
  • Warranty



    American Pacific Industries, Inc (API) hereby warrants every new Zenna Sport Line tire for workmanship and material related conditions for the life of the original tread of a new tire less 2/32”. The life of the original usable tread ends when the tire tread has worn down with only 2/32” remaining as measured in the fastest wearing groove, at which point the tire is considered to be fully worn out. API will replace the tire with another Zenna Sport Line tire. All Exclusions listed below void this 100% Free Replacement Warranty. Conditions and coverage are subject to change at any time and without notice.
    A) The Zenna Sport Line tire must be replaced with a comparable new Zenna Sport Line tire by an
    authorized Zenna dealer. Copy of invoice will be required.
    B) 100% free replacement applies to new first quality tires only. Blemished tires, retreads and
    road hazard tires are specifically excluded (see Road Hazard Warranty below),
    C) Adjustments on ride complaints or out of round tires are excluded from this warranty if they
    are worn past 2/32” as measured in the fastest wearing groove from the original usable tread of the new tire.


    All API passenger and LT tires are covered by the 30 Day “Satisfaction Assured” trial period. If, for any reason, other than an excluded condition listed in the respective tire’s Standard Warranty, you are not satisfied with your new set of tires within 30 days of date of purchase – or the first 2/32nds of tread wear as measured in the fastest wearing groove (whichever comes first) – you may exchange all or any one of them for the same number of the same design or similar design API manufactured tires. Mounting and balancing are free of charge (excluding online orders). Owner pays all applicable taxes. If you wish to exchange for another set of API manufactured tires that have a higher cost, you must pay the upgrade from the original purchase price, including shipping and all applicable taxes. If you wish to exchange for another set of tires, which is at a lower cost, you will receive a credit for the difference in cost.

    This Satisfaction Assurance guarantee only applies to the original new set of manufactured passenger and LT tires purchased and not to the replacement tires under this guarantee.

    Administration of the Assured Satisfaction Warranty

    Within the 30 days from the date of purchase or the first 2/32nds tread wear as measured in the fastest wearing groove, you must return your tires to the authorized API brand tire dealer where you purchased your tires. You must present the original sales receipt and proof-of-purchase. Reason for dissatisfaction must be explained to the dealer (i.e., appearance, ride, handling, etc.) and noted on the adjustment claim form.


    A) If a Zenna Sport Line tire wears evenly down to a tread depth of 2/32 in less than 60,000 miles and in less than five (5) years from date of manufacture, API will credit the owner a pro-rated amount on the actual mileage toward the purchase of a new Zenna Sport Line tire. Costs incurred for mounting, balancing and other service charges are not included in the credit amount and shall be borne by the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to follow the Owner’s Obligations listed under the Zenna Sport Line Limited Warranty. All Exclusions listed below void this Limited Mileage Warranty. Conditions and coverage are subject to change at any time and without notice.
    B) If a Zenna Sport Line tire is deemed to be adjustable under the Limited Mileage Warranty, then the following procedures must be met.
    1) Owner/User must keep updated mileage records on the Mileage Warranty form provided on API’s website or at the time of purchase. Tires must be rotated at least every 6,000 miles and documented by the service provider.
    2) Original invoice showing purchase of tires must be submitted.
    3) Must complete and sign the Mileage Warranty form and submit to an authorized dealer.
    4) The Zenna Sport Line tire must be replaced with a comparable new Zenna Sport Line tire by an authorized dealer.

    Copy of invoice will be required.


    Every Zenna Sport Line tire that has been irreparably damaged due to a normal road hazard condition (e.g. irreparable cut, puncture, snag, bruise, or impact break) within the first 25% of the original tread depth and within 2 years from the date of purchase, will be replaced free of charge with an equivalent Zenna Sport Line tire. Applicable taxes on the new tire and costs of mounting and balancing service shall be borne by the owner. To be eligible, you must present your original invoice showing date of purchase. All Exclusions listed below void this Road Hazard Warranty. Conditions and coverage are subject to change at any time and without notice.


    A) All Zenna Sport Line warranties are limited to the original purchaser and the original vehicle on which they are mounted, and are not assignable to subsequent purchasers or vehicles.
    B) The warranties listed above are applicable only in the United States and Canada and any tire used or equipped on a vehicle registered or operated outside the United States and Canada are not covered by these warranties.
    C) The following is not covered by the warranties listed above:
    1) Tire branded or marked “Non-Adjustable” (N/A) or “Blemished” (Blem), or previously adjusted.
    2) Failure, damage or irregular wear due to:
    a) fire, accident or vandalism;
    b) mechanical condition of vehicle, including improper alignment, improper inflation, wheel imbalance, faulty shocks or brakes;
    c) misapplication of tire; or
    d) alteration of the tire, addition of foreign material, transfers from one vehicle to another or any previous damages and/or repairs.
    3) Cost of mounting and balance service.
    4) Loss of time or use, inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damages except as prohibited by law.
    5) Adjustment on out-of-balance or out-of-round tire is allowed only during the first 2/32” of the original tread.A set of all four (4) tires from the same vehicle claimed for out-of-round will not be accepted.
    D) Any Zenna tire produced five (5) years from date of manufacture as determined by the DOT/Serial number are not covered under the warranties listed above.


    A) Repaired, retreaded or altered Zenna Sport Line tire with “Speed Rating(s)” no longer retain their “Speed Rating”.
    B) If the aforementioned tire(s) is repairable, see the recommended repair procedures used by the tire dealer(s) for repairing tubeless passenger car radial tires as detailed and illustrated in the RMA puncture repair procedures.
    C) Repairs must be restricted to the tread area of the tire and not within 1/2” of the tire sidewalls.
    D) Do not repair tread area punctures larger than 1/4” in diameter.


    In order to be eligible for Zenna Sport Line Limited Warranty service, the dealer/owner must:

    A) At the time of purchase, the tires must be properly installed, correct air pressure set and the wheels balanced. Every 6,000 miles the tires must be rotated, proper air pressures set and the wheel alignment checked.
    B) Any tire to be adjusted must be presented to an authorized Zenna dealer.
    C) Present proof of purchase to the satisfaction of the dealer.
    D) Complete and sign a Zenna Warranty Claim Form which is available at any authorized dealer.
    E) Pay the amount due on a new tire, less the amount of credit, including taxes, mounting and balancing charges or cost of other services ordered.


    This warranty, or any warranty stated or referred to herein, is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty regarding the quality of Zenna Tires, whether expressed or implied, and remedies for breach thereof shall be limited to those specifically provided herein.

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