• Premium Traction Tire For Drive Position/Utility Vehicles
  • Pinned for studs for extreme weather conditions (TSMI 16)
  • Steel belts for toughness, stability, and longer, uniform wear
  • Designed for excellent traction and stability


  • Extra Deep Tread Multi-Service Tread Design.
  • Chip cut resistant compound for on/off road service.
  • Steel belts built for durability, strength and toughness.
  • Extra wide tread face for improved stability.


  • Premium Extra Deep Tread Steel Radial Drive Tire
  • Increased tread voids for excellent traction in loose pack dirt
    sand, snow and logging applications
  • Tread depth of 32/32nds provides long wearing capability
  • Cap/base construction for enhanced casing durability


  • Heavy Duty Steel Radial Drive Tire For On/Off Road Applications
  • Designed for logging, construction and other severe service applications
  • Extra deep tread depth for superior traction for on/off road use


  • Premium Open Shoulder Steel Radial Drive Position
  • Improved siping provides excellent and prolonged traction
  • Drive position traction tire designed specifically for durability


  • Premium Line Haul Steer Tire
  • Decoupling groove to promote long even wear
  • Cap/base construction to promote enhanced casing durability and retreadability


  • Premium All-Position Steel Radial Highway Service
  • Specially designed for steer axles and all-position usage
  • 5-rib tread design for premium handling and long life


  • Shallow Tread Highway Tire For Trailer And All-Position Service
  • Wide 5-rib tread design for improved stability and handling
  • Steel belts for toughness, stability, and longer, uniform wear